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Our Past Speakers and Networking Guests

Producer/Showrunner/Writer/Director/Actor Melissa DiMarco, Director/Prodicer Alfons Adetuyi, Director of Photography Yuri Yakubiw, Producer/Writer Heidi Lasi, Director/Writer/Producer Damian Lee, Editor Cathy Gulkin, Fearless Creative Director Matkai Burmaster
Director David Wellington, Cinematographer Matt Bendo, Producer/Head of Marquee Insurance Stephanie Herrera, Director Sergio Navarretta, Assistant Director James Cho, Story Editor Margot Daley, Editor Lisa Binkley, Location Sound Mixer and Boom Operator Brian Horrell
Editor Orlee Buium, Director Peter Wellington, Actress/Director/Writer/Producer Trish Rainone, Director Virginia Abramovich, Editor/Youtuber Nathan Allen, Writer Kaleigh Sutton, Filmmaker Andrea Beça
Playwright, Screenwriter, Filmmaker Bobby Del Rio, Writer MK Morris, Production Designer/Art Director Ann Bromley, Editor Paul Whitehead, Sound Editor & Designer Aravind Sundar, Assistant Director/Production Assistant Akhil Khitani, Producer Muniré Armstrong, AMI Development and Production Executive Andrew Morris
Editor Mina Sewell Mancuso, Screenwriter Corey Brown, Production Manager Rebecca Taylor, Broadcast Production Professional Robert Metcalfe, Mandy Representative/Actor Daryl Ledwon, Literary Assistant Meaghan Stringer, Production Assistant Jamal Alexander
Acting Coach/Producer/Director/Actor Brad Milne, Director/Writer/Producer Adam Pal, Actor/Writer/Producer Victoria Kucher, Cinematographer/Filmmaker Francois Aubry, Assistant Editor/Editor Spencer Shiffman, Raven Banner Entertainment General Manager Michaelangelo Masangkay, Assistant Director/Production Assistant Alanna Nish, Director Paul Dolan
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